2008 the company „P-SA Paulo Paulo Steuerungs und Automatisierungstechnik e.K.“ was founded in Weil der Stadt. Following a restructuring of the ETVEL GmbH 2016 was re-established, and the P-SA, Paulo Steuerungs und Automatisierungstechnik e.K. incorporated into the ETVEL GmbH.


We offer each customer the right solution and project from the planning to the development, from installation to service and employee training always expertly aside. Our goal is to provide our customers an optimally functioning environment and to implement forward-looking technolgien the company.


We move with the times and offer our customers always find the latest products and services on the topics of control and automation for industrial plants and special machines. For this, we offer you our extensive experience, which will be implemented by our trained staff to Professional Art. Construction of electrical plans, planning of PLC software and visualization, and robot programming to customer.


Customer from the ETVEL GmbH come from different technical sectors, and have different magnitudes. We work for large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


Our expertise in the automotive sector, ranging from Body in white, conveyor systems, assembly systems for axles, engines and power train systems. But we are also partners in the development of new production processes and seek with the customer solutions integrate new technologies in the processes.